Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love and Bear Trap Accessories-Etsy shop is launched!!!

Welcome to LBT blog!

So many things to share today. First of all, LBT has launched an accessories shop on Etsy, where you can find one of a kind headpieces, brooches, clips, and more things to come! Please feel free to check out Love and Bear Trap Etsy shop, I have listed ready to ship items already and there's so much more to come! I have a new collection that's coming out very soon and I am so excited to complete every single piece of them. I dont want to spoil anything, but let's just say that there's more sparkles, more lace, bigger and more voila!! More updates to come soon...

Second thing is that I will be using this digital space to provide any inspirations and updates of my projects, my life, AS WELL as all pretty things possible (ah hem, including wedding loves, HELLO!) that I encounter in my daily life.

For those of you who have been following my blog, I am very thankful and very sorry for the lack of updates. Nick and I experienced the most wonderful day in our lives on September 11th 2010, at Caledon Inn with our loving family and great friends. If you are looking for an outdoor wedding away from Toronto with lots of trees, grass, lovely nature, and you want to work with people who value your business and do their best to help you stay within your budget (so important!), you should definitely check it out! By the way, I was thrilled to see that a photo of our wedding decor is featured on their website! Thanks Deanna!

Just because our wedding is "over" doesn't mean pretty dresses and headpieces are scratched off from my eye candy list... In fact, I purchased my first wedding magazine... but it was Martha Stewart so I don't feel too crazy. Who DOESN'T love Martha ANYTHING?

Anyways, here's a previous of one of the items for the exciting new collection for LBT.

Ok! Back to work.....
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