Thursday, April 14, 2011

Work in progress...

It's been a very busy month (as my previous has mentioned...), and I've been meaning to update you on what's been keeping me and Nick so busy. I can't say I've been getting no more than 5hours of sleep almost every night for the past few weeks... I have a few other things happening which I'll reveal more in detail next month, but for now... here are a few iphone shots!

some decor that will be used for the show display
slowly working on a mini sign for the shows!

Even though I feel like my life is dependent on caffeine (which... isnt so bad right?), I'm happy to see some of the new pieces coming along!!! :D

Thanks for reading!

oh, treat of the day....

Look at this simple yet elegant wedding gown by Carol Hannah...

and *drool*....
Reem Acra 2012 Spring Bridal collection... it's definitely hitting the right spot in my heart :p

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Show in April: Toronto Etsy Show!

Busy Busy month for LBT!

LBT will be at Toronto Etsy Street Team (TESTy) Spring Show on
April 30th, 2011 10AM-4PM
at The Gladstone Hotel at the Ballroom!

yes that's right... same location as the Creative Heart Collective show!
Come out and check out Toronto Etsy shops and find some great hand made goods!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creative Heart Collective: Vendor List

on April 16th 2011, 11 AM - 5 PM
at Gladstone Hotel, Ball Room!

Please come out and support LBT and other local crafters, artists, and designers!

So exciting... take a look at the other local vendors who will also be at the show!

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to pretend that Spring is here in March: Canada Blooms

Last month in March, Nick and I attended a lovely show that made us feel like Winter was almost... almost over. This refreshing show called Canada Blooms, is the largest flower and garden annual festival in Canada!

I am not an avid gardener. In fact, I dont even own a patch of grass, since we dont have a yard. BUT, I do enjoy getting fresh flowers and having them sitting in my kitchen and taking care of them for a few days.. until they all fall apart :(

Anyways, we had a friend Bumble Bee Jewelry who was one of the vendors at the show, and went to support her and check out all the "blooms"!

We were both very impressed with all the flowers and landscaping that was displayed at the show. Imagine more than 100,000 square feet of shopping space filled with plants! Here are a few to share...

Look how beautiful this flower is... it's the perfect softness in colour. I realized that I didnt catch its name... does anyone know???

These beautiful little ones are called Erica carnea! These apparently start blooming in late winter early spring, even when they're covered in snow! Definitely the right kind for our Canadian weather.

These were tiny tiny. These are called Campanula persifolia... or the Bell Flower. They were so delicate looking. Perfect for vintage inspired look...

How lovely is this one? Cyclamen persicum... these are quite graceful looking in real life... but apparently they're considered a very tender plant, and will not tolerate frost.

And the classic African Violet... my mom's favourite. They have fuzzy leaves that resembles velvet texture :)

There were so many horticulture competition and here's one of them. Dont you want to just eat those berries?

and... succulent galore. I might start with these because they're relatively easy to take care of!

Would I go back to the show next year? Most definitely. Maybe by then I'll be a bit more educated on gardening too :)