Monday, May 30, 2011

NYC: FishsEddy

One cool dishware shop with a mix of vintage twist. Yes. it's a dish store, but a cool one. I did my research and made sure that we drop by here before we left NYC. We went inside to look for cake stand, and I got some :) I got a milky white and a mint green glass stand. I can't wait to use them!!!! Oh, and I also got a very fun prop, but it'll be a surprise until next time.

I walked around the store at least 3 times, making sure I didn't miss anything. Oh Fishseddy I'm so glad you have an online shop. This store made me want to have a restaurant just so I can have 100 sets of everything... I hope I dont freak you out.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

NYC: ABC Carpet & Home and Conran Shop

I've never heard of this store before but as soon as I saw their show window I fell in love. When I went inside the store, I was so sad that I couldn't check out the entire store (we only had time to do a quick walk around the first floor...). I dont think I can say it enough.. I love this store... it takes home decor shopping to the next level :p

I'm glad I didnt know about this shop until this trip because I would've done a lot of damage...

And then we found this at the Conran Shop, which was at the basement of ABC Carpet & Home. Remember my fascination with containers, especially with the collapsable container/basket? Well, look at this beauty!!!!

All closed..

First drawer out

Mirrors up

and more drawers...

Basket/Container Transformers (BCTs)!!! No, this didnt fit in my suitcase, and the price of this would not be able to fit my wallet (think about it...), so I couldnt bring it to my sweet home. But maybe one day.... I'll have a few cool BCTs to call it my own lil' collection.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brooklyn Lookin'

Coffee Coffee Coffee. I have no shame in admitting that I am a caffeine addict. I don't remember exactly when i had my first coffee... but I'm pretty sure we've become best friends since my undergrad years... oh the memories...

Anyways, while we were walking around brooklyn, Nick found a funky coffee shop called Gorilla Coffee. We took a break from all the walking to have a cup of coffee and have a little chat. Life seemed so relaxing in that coffee shop.. I could sit there forever...

And then I saw this girl wearing a cute red leather headband. They were rows of red leather triangles stitched together. She looked good! How appropriate for the shop.... red accent!

We went into this cozy little shop called Flirt Brooklyn. The shop carried brooklyn designer clothes and a lot of unique skirts. They custom make skirts too!

We walked on Fifth Avenue until all shops closed... lots of vintage shops!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweetness in NYC

We were at NYC for a few days last week, and although it was rainy during most of the trip, the few hours of sun we had on the last day was perfectly paired with some sweets!! Baked by Melissa... After just looking and not buying at the first shop in SOHO, I jumped at the chance when we found another location in the Garment District! They were really moist and just the perfect size... with just enough sweetness. Plus, look how adorable they are...

and yup.. we shared these little darlings...

Saturday, May 21, 2011 and camera toy

These pretty photos were so conveniently taken with my iphone using instagram. No, I'm not getting paid to say this... but when you do get it and use it, you'll understand why I'm sharing this information. It's so addictive. There are so many filtres to play around with, and it's so convenient. The best thing is that you can share with your friends instantly!

Oh, and by the way... these pictures were taken at the wonderful Anthropologie...

I actually finally started to use my Canon EOS Rebel XSi. It's a hand-me-down camera from my hubby Nick, who usually carries his heavy-as-brick camera around to shoot everything everywhere. I played around with his Canon EF 50mm lens and LOVED it! I took this photo last Sunday when we were eating at Ka-chi 까치 korean restaurant after setting up the cake at the Cake Show. This is photo of Nick, by the hands (and eyes) of the new owner (ME!) with the passed-down camera... that is now... mine. Did you like my run-on sentence? ~.~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Custom Order: Butterfly away...

Earlier this month, I had a custom order request of a butterfly hair clip/brooch. She wanted pink, not too crazy, but cute and delicate. These were going to Germany, so I also had fun packaging it as well :) I'm happy with how the butterflies turned out. I made two different styles, one with seed beads and fresh water pearls, and the other one with hand wrapped wire, chiffon, tulle, and clear Swarovski crystals. Here are some photos.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cake Show 2011 wrap up

It was held at the Artscape Wynchwood Barns in Toronto, a beautiful venue, despite the wet weather throughout the show day. I need to repeat how beautiful it was... it gave an urban feel with high ceiling... with red brick walls and the other two walls (also the two entrances) covered in glass, allowing all the light to shine in. It was my first time at the venue, but I'm planning to go back when it's not raining... there's a little park beside it and I saw a few garden squares along the sides of the building.

There were so many interesting cakes displayed at the show. Closest to the entrance was the display section for Design challenge. This year's theme was "Four Seasons". Here are some cakes that were memorable to me... I took these pictures when I was setting up the cake before the show started, so I apologize for not having all the names of the designers attached to the cakes. When I do figure all the names out, I will update the info in the future.

This cake had each of the four seasons represented on each four sides of the cake. Unlike some cakes that looked "forced" to fit all the seasons into one cake, this one fit all four seasons with a well balanced design. The fondant work was really clean too! Cake by Cakes by Beatriz

One of the winners in the Design challenge... this cake had so much detail everywhere! Such a clean finish...

Simple, but unique! Awesome detail work on the acorns! Cake by I Will Not Eat Oysters

The next section displayed cakes by students/alumni of Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts.

Anything orange/dark coral has been catching my eyes recently... this cake was simple, but very pleasant to look at. Cakes by We Bake in Heels.

What made me do a double take on this cake was the blue and white details. They looked like seed beads and hand embroidery on a shirt!

I feel like this cake should come with a matching card or something. The bird was cut out from the blue fondant layer to show a clean white fondant layer inside. so adorable!

The winner of the Cake Star Face Off... an adorable "fall" inspired cake with chipmunks!!!!

I also attended some seminars that were offered during the cake show. They were one hour informal talks by Catherine Lash from The Wedding Co on attending wedding shows, Debbie Arnold from D.A. Consulting on marketing, and Anna Janes from CocoMira Confections on taking the next step in growing your business.

I had so much fun at the cake show, looking and re-looking at some awesome cakes, meeting cake designers, and came back home all inspired. Fully "caked".

To check out some of the other cake photos that I took from Cake Show 2011, look here

My cake at the Cake Show 2011...

Yes, you read it right... I was at the cake show, and I submitted my cake for the Design Challenge Challenge. The theme for this year's cake show was "Celebrating Four Seasons", and I chose Spring... my favourite season! I wanted to keep it simple, using one element and repeating it throughout the cake. One of the reasons why I love spring is because I see light green buds everywhere, the fields are green. Like a new beginning. On the top of the cake, I added a small branch with one tiny leaf hanging in the far left.

I've been talking about revealing some surprises in my previous posts, and this is one :)
I'll be posting up more pictures from the Cake Show, and some other little cake related things here as well.

I did not win the design challenge, but it was such an inspirational experience, attending the show. The winners completely deserved their prizes...! The seminar that I tended were quite informative as well.

More pictures to come, but here's mine for now...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Event 2: Toronto Etsy Street Team Spring Show

LBT was at Gladstone Hotel once again, on April 3oth for Toronto Etsy Team Spring Craft Show! It was another great show, with lots of friendly talented vendors from Toronto! Here are some pictures I took during the show. Unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to do finish my round and capture all the wonderful vendors. My apologies! Nonetheless, here are some pretty photos :)

I'm Wearing my LBT head adornment in black lace, and once gain, had my large black coffee behind the white wood stand (yes!).

My wedding veil as a bridal work sample!

Jewelry and glass/stone beads by Emma from Landfill Designs! and Robert Rat Prints on the left.. without Rob..

Emma rocking the yellow and white LBT feather clip! Doesn't she remind you of Uma Thurman?

Ele with her wonderful printed stuffed animals, housewares, prints and cards from Minouette

Michelle from Pyxus Passion Project! I've been visiting her etsy shop very "frequently" so it was awesome meeting the face behind the wonderful shop in person :D I have a few things I have my eyes on....

Baby books and fabric accessories by Ginny from Butterfly Trees Shop using repurposed fabric.

Monday, May 9, 2011

April Event 1: Creative Heart Collective Spring Show

On April 16th, LBT was one of the vendors for the Creative Heart Collective Spring show at the wonderful Gladstone Hotel. I met some great vendors and got to meet some of you who came to check out LBT booth! I got a chance to take a few photos and some of them are posted here, but there's more here taken by Timothy Li.

Here's a pictures of me, probably not the best photo, but I feel like I should post up a photo of me with my babies ;) I had a large coffee hidden behind the white wood.

Recycled Stationery by Oh So Good

The wonderful organizer of CHC show and Jewelry designer, Rosetta Stone

Handmade bags by meter by metre... the bags are designed to be practical and pretty at the same time! I bought one (picture below) that has card slots inside the flap of the bag!

Handmade cards by Peppercorn & Poppy. These envelopes were designed, cut and lined by Adrienne, the designer, and she loves custom designs orders!

A glow in the dark voodoo doll brooch by Kaotic Ekkos Curiosities.

Thank you to Nick for being a great help throughout the entire day, setting up, taking down, and doing the coffee pick ups! And to everyone who came to say hello!