Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quebec City Part II: Coffee Love

Happy Sunday!

On Friday, I talked about my love for dark coffee and Cafe Americano on my post HERE. I visited two more shops for my daily coffee and wanted to share the photos with you today. While La Brulerie St Roch was a cozy shop with exposed brick walls and a splash of burnt orange on walls framed with dark wood, the next shop was simple... but oh so beautiful!

Paillard was such a large beautiful shop (did I say that this shop was beautifully simple yet?), with high ceiling, white decor with beautiful moulding and accents of black and red. You can't really see from my photos but while there were tiny round tables in the front, there were large picnic table style seatings all across the back. There were pastry sections in the front, gelato section on the other side of the front, and food and coffee at the back.

My turnip soup...  interesting but good

Half eaten peach strudel

Cappuccino and chocolate croissant. 
I came home and realized that I didn't take a picture of my Americano and cheese bagel I had :( The coffee was too watered down for me, as I do like it strong... but it was still good... and I was too busy looking at this beautiful spacious shop anyway.

On our last day we explored and walked all the way across the Battlefields Park finishing our walk at the Musee National des Beaux Arts du Quebec which took us over 2 hr. Trying to find our way home... we walked on Avenue Cartier and saw this sign outside. SOLD! We were in :)

Picardie was such a cute little shop, and most importantly I thought their logo of red riding hood was adorable!

Even on their fridge...

We took a break here and enjoyed our coffee and some sweets to go with it...

Tiramisu with Chocolate Spoon!

Almond paste Croissant

My Americano

Nick's BOWL of cappuccino. Look how small the sugar packets look!

One thing I noticed about Quebec City was that there were so many bees... inside and outside of the shops. The only people minding those little things flying around seemed to be just us...  I saw a bee fly out of one of the croissant baskets at Picardie... Either way, my Americano was EXCELLENT. Dark and creamy, and Nick seemed like like his bowl of cappuccino as well :)

Thanks for reading about my love for drinking coffee today :)
Have a wonderful Sunday.

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