Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Wedding Story: Happy 1st Anniversary + 1 month

White Cake to celebrate....

11th of 09 2011
Time flies...
One whole year plus one full month since we tied the knot last year.
Happy 1+1, Love!

I still feel like it just happened and I can't stop being grateful for all our lovely friends and families who's helped us get through the day. To plan and execute the biggest party we've ever hosted... with so much laughter even after sleeping for only 3 hours the night before :)

There are so many memorable things but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about our wedding is always the bird. yes. the CRANES. not 10. not 100. not 1000. Two thousand and fifty one paper cranes folded by boys and girls who loved us THAT much. Nick folded paper cranes in the subway, at work, at home, and before sleep. I am pretty sure our friends also did....

Here are some pictures of our prepping process before they were glamorously placed inside and outside the tent on our wedding day....

Thought we'd figure out how many cranes we needed per string...
and how many strings to cover the head table area...


The day before the wedding - the cranes were assembled and strung onto lots and lots of twigs.
EVERYONE in action

Then there were these that were hand made by the girls...
I didn't even bother counting how many we had to cut, fold, trim, wire, and then SEPARATE. I'm sure our tongues were yellow and gray.

Yellow, gray and white tissue paper pompoms

These were lying on the grass at one point.... until...

Our dear friend and a wicked Wedding Planner HERE
cut these ribbons the night before and helped us set up for our Ceremony backdrop.

This photobooth was made from two sheets of plywood, pretty wall paper (two designs), and 2 ikea photo frames
(left frame was a black frame from Ikea that was transformed with a can of yellow spray).
This art is rubbed with my father-in-law and my husband's sweat and love :)

I thought of another "cool" idea. I wanted to truly thank all my guests by giving them something with a touch. So I decided to paint on each and every porcelaine cup.
They looked even better wrapped :p
But I'm sure my friends were scared when I asked them to come over and "hang out" (aka help moi)

Flowers by Apop Events. Gorgeous!

So many people loved our invitation. Beautiful job by Palettera

Us goofing around as soon as we sat down :)

And then something really exciting thing happened!! Thanks to our AWESOME SUPERDUPER photographers Vanessa and Jess from Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pictures we were featured in Fall/Winter 2011 issue of Wedding Bells! and not only that... we made the cover page for the Labour of Love Real Wedding Story in the print. If these photos weren't enough for ya, see our Wedding story HERE.

One long blog... thanks so much for reading :)

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